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All new illustrations of girls with no particular gender appeal. Like, tomboy girls. Unisex. Hot.
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  • Release: May/06/2011
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It's not too bad.

May/17/2011   By PapersamuraiReviewer Rank: Top 50

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Though I really do think that the unisex factor isn't really there. The art is pretty good and despite a bit of an odd layout (which could just be my adobe reader) it's neatly set.13 original distinct pictures is a pretty good load-out for this price.

Now, there is a tomboy appeal here, I won't deny that. However, there is a gender appeal in my opinion. Only 2 of the pictures were really ambiguous to me. The rest were rather obviously girls. They were cute girls with a tomboy look, but still girls.

Overall, I got good value, but the description is a little misleading to me. Buy for the tomboys, not the ambiguous unisex appeal.

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