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  • Release: Sep/29/2010
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Pickup!Wonderful cute-em-up

Mar/03/2014   By xexedReviewer Rank: 7

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Really nice horizontal 2d shmup with super cute and colorful graphics. The music has that catchy style of 16-bit games, and the stages are varied with nice parallax scrolling. It is fairly easy on the easy difficulty setting, but at hard it becomes a challenge. It feels like a lost super nintendo game (sort of like cotton 100%), supports gamepads (I'm using an xbox 360 controller), and supports fullscreen with smooth scrolling. Definitely worth it for fans of the style.

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Pickup!Old school arcade style shooter!

Oct/05/2010   By GrowcianReviewer Rank: Top 50

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Hisyo-gumi is an old school arcade style shooting game featuring a witch as your "ship." Its roots as a classic shooting game shows with its good difficulty progression. Even on the "easy" difficulty, the game can get quite challenging once the player reaches the final stage.

The power up system is reasonable to the player. The player’s attacks increase in power by collecting blue "bubbles" which appear after defeating enemies. After collecting a certain number of them, the player's "shot level" increases and the player character is capable of firing more powerful projectiles. If the player loses one life, the player is not penalized too much for dying and is powered down only just a little bit to give the player a chance to come back from a mistake.

There are five stages in the game. Since this is an arcade-style game, it is meant to be played in short bursts with the intent of achieving the high score. While the player can get a large number of lives in the form of continues, the score will be reset to zero if the player chooses to continue after losing all lives.

The difficulty, the number of lives, and the number of continues can be changed in the options menu.

The one feature which is easy to miss with all the bullets flying across the screen is the comical nature of the characters in the game. If you concentrate on the cute animation and characters, you'll get hit by bullets. If you concentrate on playing the game well, you'll miss what makes the characters a pleasure to watch.

This game was originally made in 1997. (The included documentation will tell you this.) Its supported resolutions are 320x240 and 640x480. The game supports both windowed mode and full screen mode but doesn't support widescreen monitors for full screen mode. Don't expect much in terms of features. ^^;

Hisyo-gumi is highly recommended for players looking to play an old school arcade style shooting game. It's a well-made game and a lot of fun.

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