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Sakura Saki 6
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A love comedy about the happenings at a certain academy.
  • Release: Jul/27/2010
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Pickup!A Great Series Still Going Strong

Feb/10/2012   By Rodan_MasterReviewer Rank: 2

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Sakura Saki is a highschool love-comedy about two students named Yuuki and Saki and their relationship. In this volume (6) Yuuki realizes that it's the man's responsibility to "confess his love" and feels nervous over this (after Saki previously confessed she liked him). Things get complicated though when Saki makes him a hand made lunch...

Anyways like with all the previous volumes, the art is very good. The characters look just as good as they always have; their appearances now becoming quite memorable. There was a bit more drama in this chapter I think but there's still a bit of comedy as well. The ending is especially heartwarming.

A must-buy if you've read the previous parts of this awesome series. A must read for all fans of good Doujin.

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