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Amagi Tei
$0.97 / 108 JPY
Cosplay-style illustrations of girls as VF-1 Valk*rie mech fighters from the Macr*ss series!
R-ratedSoftwareCG SetJPEG
  • Release: Apr/29/2010
  • DL: 3

When Macross Valkyrie are turned into cute girl

Jan/09/2013   By MiragecgReviewer Rank: Top 50

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So, this is a little CG where the famous Valkyrie VF-1 from the first Macross Serie is turned into cute little girls.

The art is nice and cute, the quality of it is good.

You have 4 different CG with generally 3 to 4 alternative (some change in the color).
There is poster format, CD Case format and Wallpaper.

Overall, for a little 100¥ it's good CG Collection and if you're a Macross Fan and have a good color printer you can have some nice thing to put on your wall or in a CD case.

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