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Standing postures for game creation Vol.10 - Shota Younger Brother
Blue Forest
$6.72 / 756 JPY  >> $5.37 20% OFF  / 604 JPY
This is a collection of raw imagery for use in game and website creation. Full of cute boys!
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  • Release: Jun/08/2009
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Adorable and diverse young boy pack

Jan/04/2018   By LaeliaReviewer Rank: 1

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I bought this pack as well as the young girl one, to use in flashback scenes in my visual novel where the main characters remember how things were when they were kids.

Both of the packs are insanely adorable and heartwarming. The expressions are just adorable and there are a good range of outfits and hairstyles for the character.

There are also multiple poses for the character, which is super handy and not often found in these kinds of character art packs.

Like the female version, it comes with over 1000 PNG files that are ready to use if you don't want to customise the character. For those who do want to personalise him, you have an include character creator software (which I actually prefer over PSD files.) It's all in Japanese, but I don't think you really need to understand the language in order to use it. I personally found it quite easy to figure out which options changed the various aspects of the character. You can change hairstyle, facial expressions and clothing. Then there's a separate tab that allows you to even change the colour of the hair, eyes and skin.

I would recommend this pack to anyone who needs a young boy character for their visual novel.

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Pickup!Another Great Value Pack by Blue Forest

Nov/08/2011   By redpandagamesReviewer Rank: 3

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This is another very well-done package by Blue Forest. There are lots of great images and different outfits for a variety of different scenes, but some of the boys haircuts are a little ugly and some of them look like girls. There are also bonus "stress", "cry", and other emotion marks included in the download. It's definitely a good buy if you need some younger male characters or “Shoutas” in your project.

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