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Print-size CG Illustrations, Original Collection, Vol. 2 Hor*
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$6.70 / 756 JPY  >> $5.35 20% OFF  / 604 JPY
This collection includes 2 varieties of images based on the theme "O*ami to Koshinryo" in B5 size pre-background merging.
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  • Release: Jun/28/2008
  • Purchased: 3x

Ecchi, but very small

Apr/09/2009   By HardcoreReviewer Rank: Top 50

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When you see the size, you likely wouldnt think this is 6 files, but it is.

Its a CG set with three ecchi pictures of Ho*o (from Spice and Wolf). A Bikini picture, a sexy pose (she covers herself with her arms), and one where she is lying down (with some strategically placed furs). There are high resolution JPGs and Printshop PSDs of the pictures.

The quality is there, but the quantity doesnt match the price. I would pass on this.

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