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Release Nov/14/2016
Series Background CG Material Collection
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This is a set of 17 background materials of grandiose castle interiors and courtyards.
License is free for doujin and commercial works.

You can use these materials for adventure games, comics, etc.

* Some materials are credited to the following groups:
http://www.s-digi.jp/princess-sugar/ (Princess Sugar)
http://www.hs-crowd.co.jp/anim/ (Nanahime Collection)
http://nexton-net.jp/ (Nexton)

In JPEG format.
Image Resolutions: 1920x1440, 1920x1080, 800x600 / JPG low compression

Operational Requirements

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File / Size
RJ188159.zip / 162.7MB (170600068Byte)

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2 user reviews

Pick Up !Lovely!

Nov/27/2017  By DelilahTop : 8 Reviewer

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These backgrounds are a godsend. They really made my game pop and have breathed life into the world my game is set in. They make my game look polished and professional. They pair well with other backgrounds in Minikle's Fantasy series and I've enjoyed mixing and matching all of them. Having night, day, and sunrise/sunset options also added a new dimension to my game giving the illusion of time passing. Really great buy, thank you!

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Nice Castle / Kingdom Interior Backgrounds

Jul/17/2017  By redpandagamesTop : 2 Reviewer

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This pack contains morning, sunset, and night renders including:

1) a balcony with a mountain view
2) a courtyard
3) a sun room / greenhouse with carnivorous plants
4) a fortress rooftop with cannons
5) a guest bedroom / study
6) a church / shrine interior with stained glass windows
7) a theater room
8) a workplace / alchemy room
9) a throne room
10) a ballroom
11) castle / royal hallways (x2)
12) a gazebo / outside sitting area
13) a small dining room
14) a front castle exterior
15) student desks / library
16) and a science lab

Standard and HD resolutions are included. Some backgrounds appear like they have higher polygon counts than others. The castle is large and well furnished.

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