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Circle  :  Sans-Boundaries
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Release :  Sep/03/2013
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Event : Comic Market 84
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From Ryo Yoshigami's "The PanzerCrown Faces"

The school battle-action ADV by Sans-Boundaries

The inevitable comes to bear in the present---
Where everyone fight for their ideals in an endless war.

1995 AD: The Tokyo earthquake.
2003 AD: Multiple terrorist strikes on Niisaka City.
Amid unprecedented dangers, an old grudge was reborn.
The nation, already on edge, exploded. Prisoners of the past, victims of
today, people of the future.
All took to the battlefield with ferocity.
At last, Chief Junnosuke Yuuki of the public safety bureau told the full

2008 AD: Kakurinomiya College City.
In the storm of war that engulfs this city, the boy Nobuhisa Sakuraze has
lost his will to live.
Meanwhile, an equally lost tha girl, Anri Miyabi, recklessly gambles her
People struggle waywardly. Each fighting the frontlines on the "battlefield
of the self".

Surrounded by violent war---Nobuhisa, Anri...... everyone fights for their

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