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Release Jul/13/2013
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Turn your living room or bedroom into a private salon
with this calming, sensual audio.

Mimikaki (ear cleaning) is a very soothing and popular practice in Japan.
This is the "Premium" repack of Stereophonic Sound - Welcome to Shirokuma's Mimika Salon!
It is intended to receive future updates, so please forgive the current status.

* The mimikaki sound has changed. Please see the trail version.

Tracks (the Mimikaki Collection!)
01 For you who wishes to enjoy quiet ear cleaning (23:37)
02 Thank you for your choice (16:13)
03 Mimikaki only menu (12:18)

Voice materials (the Mimikaki & Sleep Voice Toolkit!)
Over 100 words for custom use

Written, edited and CV by Ayaka Igasaki

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2 user reviews

Pick Up !Great value relaxation

Sep/25/2015  By reifiTop 50 Reviewer

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Originally I bought this just to keep my points balance active for another year but it totally blew away my expectations.

Track 1/3 is good quality mimikaki with little/no talking. Track 2 however showcases a amazingly comfy and relaxing talking mimikaki. It has become my go to audio for anti-stress purposes. Don't use it before operating heavy machinery because if may cause drowsiness.

The extras are pretty cool if you want to try putting your own custom thing together. Overall it's really great value for 100 yen.

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Definitely worth $1

Sep/21/2015  By BallerinaSEALTop 50 Reviewer

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It's definitely worth $1 for those who like some peaceful, shorter version of Mimikaki-like ASMR.
I use first one to listen to while I study, because it's pretty soft and calming, and there isn't much talking. Second one, maybe sometimes; I catch myself listening to it while I'm off guard. Third one, I like it slightly less than first one, just because I do enjoy some voice -- not too much voice; still, it's very calming and great to listen to before sleep.
I recommend the purchase of this, instead of ordering a McDonald dollar-menu (laugh).

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