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Circle  :  PacoProject
Website :  http://pacoproject.net/
Release :  Jan/22/2013
Series :  PACAPLUS
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WindowsXP / WindowsVista / Windows7
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Event : Comic Market 83
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--What's next? An alpaca? A capybara? Or perhaps....?--

One years since that incident.
Yukari had become a fluffy alpaca once again.

Attempts to turn her back into a girl were so far fruitless.
Kazuma believed he could improve his skills in "that way" it would help, but...

"Ka-Kazuma! You perverrrrrt!!!"

It displeased Yukari.

Kazuma was stuck. He went to the bedroom of Ryo Mitaka,
an older sister type he could always trust for advice.

In her room, instead of the familiar sight of Ryo, there was a giant rodent.

"Wha!? What's a capybara doing in here......?"

Animals on his right, animals on his left. This was his furrily bizarre life.

A pure love ADV about girls turned into adorable and beyond: PACAPLUS PLUS

Artwork: Rin Tsukasa / Yagurumasou / Ayunoki
Scenario: Yanagi / Isuku / Ippanhei
Music: FuMay / Issy / M.Zakky / pre-holder (with lyrics by Alpaca and performed by AL+PACA7)
Music video: Ronzu

Main CVs: Mana / Nanase Watarai / Naoki Sagawa / Hiroko Fukada /Yukimaru / Alpaca Yamada / Yomogi

Operational Requirements

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File / Size
RJ109204.zip / 446.68MB (468382790Byte)
Pentium class or greater
512MB or greater
1GB or greater
TrueColor, 16bit or greater
9 or greater
DirectSound support
Necessary Tools
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