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Pickup!The priestess series


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Til May. 7, 10 a.m. (JST) Ear Cleaning Priestess 4
Amaryllis girl
$4.86 / 540 JPY  >> $4.37 / 486 JPY | 90pt 20% back
Relaxing ear cleaning and sleeping audio with priestesses of Apple Shrine. 2 hours. CV: Damoko
Doujin SoftwareVoiceMP3 Filewith Voicewith Trial Version
  • Release: Oct/22/2016
  • DL: 16
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Ahh this series and this product in specific is lovely i love how all the audios made by amaryllis girl have very good mimikaki and an entertaining talk, personally it does helps me relax and sleep easily its one of the best products i have gotten (from amaryllis girl at least that is) i just love the mimikaki it has and the CV's have very cute voice acting too, overall this is a really nice product that helps you relax while you try to sleep.

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