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Good Value for the Price


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Relax At Home With Your Personal ASMR Groomer +
Tomimi Retreat
$1.91 / 216 JPY | 20pt (10% back)
Relax to over 2.5 hours of cozy ASMR grooming sounds: hairstyle, shampoo, massage, ear cleaning, etc. CV: Shishamo
SoftwareVoiceMP3Inc. VoiceTrial
  • Release: Jan/04/2016
  • DL: 122
  • (60)

It's not bad, but I preferred the first one in the series, Relax at Home with your Personal ASMR Groomer, to this one, Relax at Home with your Personal ASMR Groomer +.

Overall, it's a lot of content for the price, so it is a pretty good value and would be worth trying out.

In particular, what I liked about it were the wind chimes, the water sounds, and the ear cleaning.

I disliked the scalp treatment (it sounded like I was being fried like an egg!).

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