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2 Fast 4 Comfort


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CrossTheRidge R
$4.94 / 540 JPY
Drift the ridges in the *NEW* ver1.13 3D racing game! 10 courses / 50+ cars / Multiple modes / Customization
GameOthers EXEInc. Music3DCGTrial
  • Release: Jul/23/2013
  • DL: 19
  • (5)

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An nice little arcade racing game, packing quite a lot of content; there's a very large selection of cars, including a duck of all things, two handfuls of tracks going through mountain passes, and multiple game modes. Each of the cars also have their own customizations and records, so if you're the type who likes to try out different builds, then this adds up to the already huge replay value.

My only gripes are that the drifting's a bit wonky and the environments, despite having a generous amount of details put into them, they sometimes feel repetitive, mostly in Arcade mode, but needless to say that they're still all right, for an indie game of this scope.

Overall, I really enjoy this. I didn't had to spend time grasping complicated mechanics, which is all fine by me.

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Til May. 9, noon (JST)
Genius Scientist: Bioruru 2
Kanagawa Electrotechnics Laboratory
$14.82 / 1,620 JPY  >> $4.44 70% OFF  / 486 JPY
The physics-based hilarious sim puzzle game has a sequel! NEW stages, gimmicks and twists + NEW stage editor!
GamePuzzleEXEInc. Music
  • Release: Aug/21/2011
  • DL: 2

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I already expressed how I liked the first game for its unique mechanics; much like last time, you'll be handling many colorful particles, each with their own attributes, to create chemical compounds and fill beakers to clear the levels. You'll be drawing onto the field to lead the particles around, handling them carefully so to not waste any of them. It's still a great and fun mechanic that gives the game an edge over many other puzzle games, but the sequel here expands further upon the pre-existing formula.

There are new additions such as fans and vacuums that blow/suck away the particles, and are actually affected by your drawings, magnets that pull in the red-wine kind, and even a machine that reverts back compounds, such as dividing cyan particles back into red and pink. The levels are much more involving than before, and there are twice as many, it's such great fun.

I had previously noted how there wasn't a time limit, keeping the experience from being frantic, but I take that back; the game has you take careful steps in order to complete the levels, so it makes sense for it to give you all the time you need. I'd still say that sometimes it takes quite a while to push around individual particles into the beakers, especially towards the end, but that's not a major issue.

Overall, this is such a huge upgrade that the first game almost pales in comparison, it's exactly what I was looking forward to. If you're in need for a fresh and unique puzzle game, this is for you. Again, it felt like I was a scientist creating concoctions in a small lab filled with weird gadgets, it's very fun.

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Pickup!Underwater gem


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English Ver.
Sacrifice Girl -The Curse of Demon Snake- +Mini illust collection package
$2.96 / 324 JPY
Underwater Horror Escape action game with illustration collection! Can she survive this cursed ocean area?
GameActionEXEInc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial
  • Release: Feb/06/2013
  • DL: 167
  • (35)

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An underwater exploration, action, and horror game, more preoccupied by its atmosphere.

The labyrinthine caves, despite having some intended order, as you need to find items to delve further into the depths, are very open and heavily encourage exploration. Furthermore, the level design is pretty nontraditional, which isn't a problem; the solutions of the many puzzles are very elaborate and clever, enemies actually pose quite a threat on numerous occasions, and as oxygen is a constant issue, the air pockets and save points are laid out so that you're often on your last breath. The game's pronounced difficulty and lack of support make every discoveries feel rewarding.

But perhaps its best asset is its atmosphere. Whether you're swimming in the gloomy depths or being chased by the Demon Snake, the game is oozing with a strong sense of tension, which is rarely done so well, making it more of a timeless gem.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and I'll be looking forward replaying it sometime in the future. The whole game can be played for free through the trial, but the Mini illustration set is a nice addition, and serves as another incentive to support the creator.

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Pickup!Devilishly clever puzzle game


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Til May. 9, noon (JST)
$2.96 / 324 JPY  >> $1.48 50% OFF  / 162 JPY
Eat all the fruit and clear the stage! An enjoyable action puzzle game.
GamePuzzleEXEInc. Music
  • Release: Jul/25/2010
  • DL: 21
  • (8)

Short and budget-friendly puzzle platformer, which seems to have a lot of history behind it (1995 shareware?).

The game is divided into three modes, the last being unlockable. Each of the levels has you eat every pieces of fruit while sparingly & comically digging your way with vomit. Despite its cute allure though, the stages are rather evil.

The Puzzle levels has you eat fruits in a very specific pattern, accounting your scarce amount of gastric acid and making sure platforms remain accessible. They are laid out in such a bizarre, but clever manner, that the more far-fetched route would work; it really got me thinking, which is how puzzle games are at their best.

Action stages are more about dexterity, such as using enemies as footing. They are definitely as well thought-out, but I found that a handful of the latter levels were extremely hard; you'd have to time VERY well your jumps through tight spikes and falling enemies, the latter having odd hitboxes.

The game also saves replays of your best performances on every level, if you fancy getting the best times.

The whole experience was worth it, the Puzzle levels alone were what made the game for me. Definitely pick this up for a good brain twister.

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Pickup!Short, but fun & unique puzzle game


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Til May. 9, noon (JST)
Genius Scientist: Bioruru
Kanagawa Electrotechnics Laboratory
$14.82 / 1,620 JPY  >> $4.44 70% OFF  / 486 JPY
Move the various "elements" into a beaker to create a mixture preparation. A fun puzzle game.
  • Release: Dec/06/2010
  • DL: 2

GS:B is a puzzle game that uses a very fascinating mechanic, the power of chemistry. You handle various elements spewing out of taps, each with their own physics, and you draw to make chutes to lead the particles, making boxes to mix two types and producing new chemical compounds, and filling every beakers with a specific color; it's all self-explanatory.

Part of the challenge is that you have to combine colors in a certain order, using elements sparingly, be wary of unwanted particles, and you should keep in mind the way you're going to draw, as elements you would put in a reserve might get in the way later. Also worth noting that you can use a bigger brush, and pull out a stick that moves the particles a bit, so to speed up the process.

It felt like I was a scientist, connecting all the beakers and making concoctions, it was a really unique and fun experience.

However, since there's no time limit, there's a lack of challenge sometimes, and there wasn't much variety in the hazards and tools; there were only portals and the red glass. Puzzle games are at their best when they use their limited assets in inventive ways, and when the gameplay gets frantic.

There's only 25 levels, which are solved way too fast. I was hoping that they were just some lengthy tutorials and that the real game would start, and then, it ended after about 1h30, it felt like it was a prototype for a much bigger product.

Despite that, the game does have good level design to stay fresh, such as shoving yellows through tight pipes and up empty pockets to separate them from the reds, and the way the elements are laid out has you take caution in your playstyle.

Regardless of the few issues I have, this game is in such of a good standing that I'd be looking forward its sequel. Genius Scientist: Bioruru is a very interesting game, worth trying by anyone who look for new subgenres of puzzle games.

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