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Nice and Soothing


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[Ear Cleaning & Sigh] Until You Fall Asleep [ASMR]
Project E.L.C
$1.95 / 216 JPY | 20pt (Point 10%)
Point 10%
Heartwarming attention from your young wife.
Doujin SoftwareVoiceMP3 Filewith Voicewith Trial Version
  • Release: Sep/30/2015
  • DL: 128
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I quite recommend this audio for its excellent price and great content.

You get around 2 hours of content; one being the voice and breathing with the ear cleaning sounds included and the other being the breathing and voice only. It's ideal for helping you get a nice and relaxing sleep at night.

The voice is also, what I would say, splendid as it has this soothing tone to it and its pitch is also what I would consider perfect. Its not too high and not too low.

In summary, it's great, cheap and perfect for those night time slumbers.

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