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STELLAVANITY - Prelude to the Destined Calamity -
Feathered Ether
$6.89 / 756 JPY
Evolve your ship through 7 stages of intense action! Choose from 6 levels of difficulty and classic C-Gear or advanced S-Gear weaponry. Gain EXP or go classic arcade...
GameShooterEXEInc. MusicTrial
  • Release: Nov/13/2013
  • DL: 111
  • (17)

With seven stages, a True Last Boss, multitude of difficulty settings, a myriad of configuration options to optimize your weapons, this is one of the most complex games of its genre right now.

Still, don't let the apparently daunting difficulty or complex scoring fool you: there is a lot of fun to be had!

Simply put, one of the best STG out there and it's a relief to finally see it in the english version of DLsite and at a reduced price. Go get this right now!

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