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Swimming & Exploration


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Exclusive English Ver.
BLUE PORT J - Summer Sky Prelude
$18.62 / 2,052 JPY
Dive into the beautiful blue waters and explore the 3D island au naturale. Full 3D ADV game + HD illustrations + accessories
AdventureEXEInc. VoiceInc. Music3DCGTrialProtected
  • Release: Apr/18/2012
  • DL: 217
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This is a fun and cute game. The character models, while low poly, are well textured and animated nicely. The surroundings, by comparison, are a bit repetitive, and textures are a bit dull and muddy. Each zone is also small (but a lack of load time makes transitions pretty smooth.)

The English translations seem well done, but a bit robotic and lacking personality at points (extremely formal language tends to be used as a rule, and occasional exceptions seem a little out of place.)

I've primarily been playing with a XBox360 Controller for Windows, and the camera controls are a bit wonky on it: vertical control is flawless, but horizontal control for the camera is unresponsive, so I am forced to use the shoulder buttons, which creates a bit of a learning curve while trying to navigate. The camera could have been given an auto-follow feature, which really would have helped this game out. I'm considering switching back to the tried and true keyboard+mouse combination that is always dependable.

Where this game really shines is during the underwater areas, which is really the focus of the game, anyway. Swimming controls well, but using the camera to dive and swim to the surface takes a little while to get used to.

The price of the game is fair, especially for exploratory nature of it. Its also an excellent effort by the designers, and I look forward to their other games.

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