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Hatoful Boyfriend -Hatoful complete edition-
Hatoful Boyfriend -Hatoful complete edition-
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Pickup!Another Excellent Work from Moa!


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English Ver.
Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star
$3.92 / 432 JPY
The second work in the series of Hatoful Boyfriend, a great pigeon dating sim!
Digital NovelEXEGirlsInc. Music
  • Release: Dec/25/2012
  • DL: 2662
  • (53)

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Alright, I have been waiting for Holidaystar for so long, it is definitely worth of all that time. Moa did put a lot of effort into this! Her graphics improved and the story-line got more intense and creepier than before.

Even the riddles, she got really creative on those ones! It made me start thinking before the character could start explaining on the analysis behind those stories ; u; I do enjoy riddles and this one captured most of my attention! All those hidden hints has caused me to grovel on the ground and cry due to BBL’s horrific plot as well!

I wish I have more words to say without being spoiler-ific, but if anything, I would definitely recommend this game for those who want to learn more about the characters--especially for Ryuuji and Miru/Kaku themselves. Also more of Nanaki/Hitori stuff going on ; u;

This one won’t fail you to get teary-eyed! I promise!

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Pickup!Beautiful Game!


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English Ver.
Hatoful Boyfriend -Hatoful complete edition-
$3.92 / 432 JPY
The full version of the world's greatest pigeon dating visual novel, in English.
  • Release: Feb/15/2012
  • DL: 7283
  • (122)

"Hatoful Boyfriend" is a story about a human girl attending to a prestige school called, St. Pigeonations. Everyone who attends this school (with the exception of the main character) are all of different species of birds with their own minds. Although the characters to chase after are birds, each create a unique tale of its own--including with some humor and puns along the way.

Let's all start off with the art: The rendered of birds sprites are not something to be amused of other than giving the simple presence of the character/ features, but the CG's & 'human' representation of each character are beautifully drawn out by the creator. Each CG serves a purpose in the game, making it enjoyable while setting the emotion needed in the game. Multiple playthroughs are required in order to unlock everything--including the Archive section, giving further details within the plot.

As for the story line, it comes out silly at first to create a game based on 'dating' pigeons--but think again. There is a deeper meaning behind the humor as there are some events that may pose questions for the player: Why Pigeons? Why a human? Everything will be answered from another route. As a matter of fact, this game will put you into a whole new roller coaster ride; prepping up your feelings from happiness into a heart broken state. The humor is fantastic and it somehow sets the right mood for the player, making the gameplay much more enjoyable.

Then, there's the music. I love how it naturally flows the story line and the characters' personalities. It is a way to depict their presence along the smooth transition from one main plot to another. It is truly perfect, leaving me no words how to describe it further.

In conclusion, "Hatoful Boyfriend" is one of the best otome games I played so far. If you enjoy humor, fictional science and having to go through a serious plot, I'd highly recommend for you to play this. It is definitely worth of your money and time!

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