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I enjoyed it.


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Ichimaru guides Aizen and Hitsugaya to a chance reunion.
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  • Release: Aug/21/2011
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This is the Final I in Aishiro series. It contains Aishiro Firth Last Chapter 1. I enjoyed it. I love the art. The style of drawings are better in quality and similarity to the original characters of Bl*ach when compared to other doujinshi in my personal opinion. Now when it comes to reading the book, it is great as the words appear to be computer typed.

Quality of the images are excellent both jpeg and adobe acrobat document PDF format wise. And because of this, although some words and kanji are hard to make out because of their small sizes at hundred percent magnification, if I magnify them up to two hundred percent, I can see the details of the kanji characters enough to look it up dictionary. (If you are Japanese or are used to reading those characters, you won’t have a problem making them out. I just need really clear detailed resolution for kanji characters so I can look them up.) At two hundred percent magnification, graphic is still intact and wonderful. As for the plot line, it’s a continuation from the Aishiro collection III. It has pairing of Aizen and Hitsugaya. It may disturb some people because in a way, it could be considered shota. Unlike previous chapters in the series, there is no non-consensual sexual scene. I liked it overall.

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