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World End Economica episode.1
World End Economica episode.1
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Pickup!Excellent VN


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English Ver.
World End Economica episode.1
Spicy Tails
$11.46 / 1,296JPY
The story is unfolded upon our head, the Moon in near future, caught by money.
Inc. Music
HotEmotional/TouchingSerial ProductSFPure LoveBrunet Hair
  • Release: Jun/12/2013
  • Purchased: 159x
  • (24)

This is a fine example that a VN does not need to be sexualised to be good.

The story is engaging, the translation did a good job and the plot, while not an easy subject, didn't underestimate the readers by dumbing down the subject.
...I have to admit there were several moments where I glossed over what was being talked about, but that was not the fault of the translation; it's just that I'm simply not that interested in stock trading.

The lack of voice didn't bother me, but sometimes, for some of the more heartfelt moments, I wished they had had a CG drawn for it.

The price is well worth it for a VN of this quality.

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Worth the money


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Copyright-free sound collection Vol.2 (MP3/59+ tracks)
$11.46 / 1,296JPY
The tracks are made for background music use.
Inc. MusicTrial
  • Release: Dec/25/2009
  • Purchased: 37x
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Like the other review said, this is a good pack to buy if you're thinking of using it for a VN game and such.

The only complaint I'd have is that most of the songs are suited to a certain kind of scene. Listening through the songs trying to figure out which song would suit what kind of scene, I noticed that most of the songs would suit a "tense/suspenseful" moment if it's used for a VN. I wished there had been more of a "daily life" kind of BGM song, but for this price it's well worth it.

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