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Pickup!Awesome Game + Hilarious Comedy


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$9.80 / 1,080 JPY
Violence and comedy - a cute Cl*nnad themed belt-scrolling action game, in the spirit of Streets of R*ge!
ActionEXEInc. VoiceInc. Music
  • Release: Jul/07/2012
  • DL: 20
  • (5)

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This is a two-pack game collection, and they're both worth more than the price of download. As *GAMES*, they're very well made and fun to play beat-em-ups. The value of the games aren't limited to how good the playability is. There are bits of hilarious comedy sprinkled between the game's levels and tell a coherent story. There's even an appearance by the Y*r*n*ik*? guy, who actually serves several purposes in the game.

If you want games with cute, attractive characters, this is the collection for you. If you want beat-em-up games with solid fundamental game mechanics, this collection is for you. If you want to burst out laughing, finish a stage to experience the game's story and you'll have your fun.

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Pickup!Old school arcade style shooter!


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$2.94 / 324 JPY
Check out this nifty full-voice shooting game from SPRITE!
ShooterEXEInc. VoiceInc. MusicTrial
  • Release: Sep/29/2010
  • DL: 28
  • (6)

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Hisyo-gumi is an old school arcade style shooting game featuring a witch as your "ship." Its roots as a classic shooting game shows with its good difficulty progression. Even on the "easy" difficulty, the game can get quite challenging once the player reaches the final stage.

The power up system is reasonable to the player. The player’s attacks increase in power by collecting blue "bubbles" which appear after defeating enemies. After collecting a certain number of them, the player's "shot level" increases and the player character is capable of firing more powerful projectiles. If the player loses one life, the player is not penalized too much for dying and is powered down only just a little bit to give the player a chance to come back from a mistake.

There are five stages in the game. Since this is an arcade-style game, it is meant to be played in short bursts with the intent of achieving the high score. While the player can get a large number of lives in the form of continues, the score will be reset to zero if the player chooses to continue after losing all lives.

The difficulty, the number of lives, and the number of continues can be changed in the options menu.

The one feature which is easy to miss with all the bullets flying across the screen is the comical nature of the characters in the game. If you concentrate on the cute animation and characters, you'll get hit by bullets. If you concentrate on playing the game well, you'll miss what makes the characters a pleasure to watch.

This game was originally made in 1997. (The included documentation will tell you this.) Its supported resolutions are 320x240 and 640x480. The game supports both windowed mode and full screen mode but doesn't support widescreen monitors for full screen mode. Don't expect much in terms of features. ^^;

Hisyo-gumi is highly recommended for players looking to play an old school arcade style shooting game. It's a well-made game and a lot of fun.

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Pickup!Action Shooting RPG with a Language Barrier


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Sayurin the Witch's Magical Quest
$0.98 / 108 JPY
Shooting game / action RPG in one!
RPGEXEInc. VoiceInc. Music
  • Release: Jul/08/2010
  • DL: 75
  • (25)

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Sayurin the Witch's Magical Quest [Sayurin] is a 2D shooter *and* an action RPG. The main objective of the game is to look for Sayurin's friend Mai, who was kidnapped.

[Sayurin]'s characters are from [K*non]. It also features brief but hilarious appearances by other famous video game characters. While the game doesn't require the player to have prior knowledge of [K*non], knowing a little something about it does help with solving some puzzles.

The main problem non-Japanese speakers will face when playing [Sayurin] is the language barrier. A large part of the fun with [Sayurin] is solving the clever puzzles which have hints given out by various NPCs or even by Sayurin herself. There are also puzzles which must be solved by reading the contents of a note, and then reading a book to interpret what the note actually means. Without knowing what these characters said or not knowing how to read Japanese, a lot of the fun of playing the game is diminished.

Despite having a language barrier, [Sayurin] is a good game. As stated already, it has clever and interesting puzzles. The game is structured well, so the player can see what kind of progress is being made by 1.) Looking at Sayurin's personal statistics rising and 2.) Seeing how many allies she picks up throughout the course of the adventure. The characters having voices also adds to the charm of the game.

As for the action part, there isn't any intense action. While there's some amount of action involved with eliminating enemies and avoiding physical contact with them, it's not the kind of action which requires lightning fast reflexes or perfect execution. The game is accessible to human beings and not just super heroes.

I would recommend [Sayurin] provided the player interested in playing it has the means to overcome the language barrier and is interested in a cute 2D action RPG.

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Pickup!Deceptively Simple, Yet Very Clever Puzzle Game


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$2.94 / 324 JPY
Eat all the fruit and clear the stage! An enjoyable action puzzle game.
PuzzleEXEInc. Music
  • Release: Jul/25/2010
  • DL: 21
  • (8)

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Silkroad is an action puzzle platform game.

The main character, Silk, has the ability to perform several actions. She can jump, she can jump on top of enemies, she can stun enemies by hitting them with bubbles, and she can also dissolve a block directly underneath her by - get this - throwing up. Her stomach contents are definitely very strong to be able to do that. XD

The objective of the game is to collect all the fruit in a given stage. Silk can throw up as many times as she has collected fruit. This is a very important game mechanic because the player needs to take into account how high she can jump and how many blocks she can dissolve. If you make a mistake in which order to collect fruit, you won't be able to collect certain ones placed behind or underneath rows and columns of blocks. There's a "suicide" button which will allow you to end the game and restart the level if you get stuck.

While the game appears to be very simple, there's a lot of complexity within the puzzles which will make the player think and then have fun trying to figure out how to solve them. The puzzle levels are extremely clever and it's fairly obvious a lot of thought went into the creation of the game.

There are several game modes - the regular puzzle mode in which the emphasis is on puzzle solving, an action mode in which the emphasis is beating up and/or avoiding hectic enemy attacks while collecting fruit, and a third mode which must be unlocked. There's plenty in this game to keep a player entertained for many hours (assuming the player likes puzzles games).

The in-game menus are in English, so the game is friendly to those who don't read Japanese.

Silkroad is highly recommended for fans of puzzle games and action platform games.

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Pickup!PreCure-ACT gets a customer who is unfamiliar with the show.


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$9.80 / 1,080 JPY
Become the cute divine warrior and thwart villainous plans! 2D side-scrolling action game.
ActionEXEInc. VoiceInc. Music
  • Release: Jun/28/2010
  • DL: 26
  • (7)

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Pr*Cure-ACT, or to be more precise, PreCure-ACT, is a side-scrolling 2D doujin action game. For those familiar with Japanese animation, they will recognize the characters are from "Futari wa Purikyua" or "Pretty Cure."

Aside from the names of the two main characters, I knew next to nothing of what Pretty Cure is about at the time of purchase. I didn't buy the game based on the source material. I purchased based on the demo available from the developer's web site. It was more than enough to convince me it's definitely worth upgrading to the full version.

PreCure-ACT perfectly captures the essence of what made games in the 8 and 16-bit console eras fun. The game was designed in a way to make the player initially fail. With a little bit of practice, the player can eventually learn the skills necessary to progress further. There's a lot of satisfaction to be gained from observing one's own playing skills improve. Older games forced players to get better at manipulating the game's physics before they could get anywhere. The fun came from the player conquering the obstacles presented in such games. This is this essence present in PreCure-ACT.

The game's difficulty settings allow a wide range of players to try their hand at the game. Whether the player is a seasoned veteran or is an absolute newbie, there are enough difficulty levels to allow a player of any skill level to play at the appropriate setting.

The game keeps track of the total time played and any items (cards) acquired during previous play. The cards are power up items or extra lives. Once a card is collected, the player can take advantage of the benefits when a new game is started. If the game suddenly becomes too easy to the player because of the acquisition of cards, the difficulty setting can be adjusted to the appropriate level in subsequent play.

Fans of 2D action games definitely need to give PreCure-ACT a chance to win them over. It's a good game, a lot of fun, and highly recommended.

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