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Pickup!Good for the price


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Til May. 9, noon (JST)
Copyright-free sound collection Vol.2 (MP3/59+ tracks)
$11.91 / 1,296 JPY  >> $1.18 90% OFF  / 129 JPY
The tracks are made for background music use.
SoftwareMusicMP3Inc. MusicTrial
  • Release: Dec/25/2009
  • DL: 33
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For the price I figured "why not". I was surprised by the quality and length of the music. There are quiet a few different sounds, some songs do have a odd vibe to them, but I have found no songs in this pack to be unlikeable. The author wasn't kidding when they said original sounds. There are a few tracks only 30 seconds, but they are nicely looped and are perfect bgm music like the rest of the pack.

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