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Date Details Work number / Title Price Circle
Sep/22/2017 Revision 108JPY Global One
Sep/22/2017 Price Revision 324JPY-216JPY Hiyagohan
Sep/22/2017 Price Revision 216JPY-216JPY Hiyagohan
Sep/20/2017 Revision 324JPY FooL
Sep/17/2017 Price Revision 540JPY-540JPY Utsutsu Laboratory
Sep/16/2017 Revision 1,512JPY DiceyCraft
Sep/14/2017 Revision 432JPY Hacchakesou
Sep/14/2017 Revision 432JPY Hacchakesou
Sep/11/2017 Revision 324JPY euphemio
Sep/11/2017 Revision 1,296JPY Rectangle
Sep/10/2017 Revision 216JPY Alice.
Sep/06/2017 Revision 864JPY PixieNOTE's
Sep/04/2017 Revision 2,700JPY KaminGames
Sep/03/2017 Revision 1,080JPY Clear First
Sep/02/2017 Revision 1,620JPY Atelier Melon-Kissa
Sep/01/2017 Revision 648JPY Aackroyd

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