DLsite Presents A Virtual Game: Heal Yourself Through Earcleaning

Updated to the bilingual version!

Come by any time when you feel tired.

A Free VR Game For Smartphone[Nagomi's Earcleaning VR - nagomimi -]

[What Is VR?]

DLsite has launched a store this spring dedicated to virtual reality games featuring manga/anime-style characters. In short, VR is "where you can enter two-dimensional space".

It's the kind of amazing you have to experience for yourself! However, presently you need to spend a lot of money to enjoy high-quality VR games.

So, DLsite developed a game that you can enjoy on iOS and Android so that you can experience VR readily. With a budget pair of $20 virtual reality goggles, you can easily enjoy the VR world.

You'll be surprised and delighted by the experience of meeting anime-like Nagomi face to face!


VR + Earcleaning In Stereophonic Sound = The Ultimate Japanese Otaku Experience

・Install the iOS/Android app and dive into the manga/anime world via virtual reality! A cute character cleans your ear with your head directly in her lap.

・Utilizing stereophonic sound through binaural recording, her voice and breathing change with your orientation.

・It's possible to enjoy with a smartphone and headphones only! (You need VR goggles for stereoscopic vision.)


It's early summer. Though things have been very busy, at last summer vacation is here.

Nagomi, your cousin, contacted you the other day, asking you if you wanted to come visit to have fun.

You have traveled to the rural town where Nagomi lives. The two of you used to play there often when you were kids. Not having seen her in some time, you're surprised by how mature she's become.

You spent some time talking about everything and nothing with her, but now you're so tired you can barely stay on your feet.

Huh, he looks tired... Oh, I've got an idea!

She notices that you're feeling tired, so she takes out an object she thinks might make you feel better.


Nagomi (English Ver.voice:Eriko Yamana / Japanese Ver.voice: Yui Asami)

Your cousin who lives in a rural town. You used to play with her in your childhood, but you haven't seen her for a quite long time.

She's shy and rarely shows her emotions; however, once she gets friendly with someone she becomes more expressive and cheerful.

[Devices You Need To Play The Game]

・Smartphone (iOS / Android)

・Earphones *1

・VR goggles for smartphone *2(Please get a commercially-available product for smartphone through Amazon.com and other shops. Estimated price: 15 to 30 US dollars)

*1 You need earphones to enjoy the stereophonic sound.

*2 If you don't have goggles, you can play by holding up your device.

[Cast And Staff]

Planning/Direction: DLsite

Character voice(English Ver.): Eriko Yamana

Character voice(English Ver.): Yui Asami

Character design: Yamucha

Background illustration: Kusakabe

Character 3D CG modeling: Kasoku Satou

Character motion: Composition Inc.

Main programming: Up-frontier, Inc.