Lust Prison ~Flowermaiden Lilia's Fall From Grace~

  • Lust Prison ~Flowermaiden Lilia's Fall From Grace~ [acerola]
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Lust Prison ~Flowermaiden Lilia's Fall From Grace~ [acerola]
Circle acerola
Release date Jun/01/2022
Series name あせろら&LATIA
Author Emilio / ナオヒロ
Scenario 橋本ゆういち / 四十宮くるふ / カバかもん / 明日葉あすは / 門戸扉 / Emilio
Illustration 鈴樹ねね
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Total 4.76GB
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Product summary


The trial ver. / demo was too big to upload via the conventional method, so we threw it on Ci-en instead.

By all means, check it out:

It's split into TWO PARTS.
Lust Prison ~監獄都市に堕ちる花乙女リリア~_体験版【1】.zip (1.28GB)
Lust Prison_分割ファイル【2】.zip (1.14GB)

* Make sure to confirm system compatibility via the trial version prior to purchasing.
* The DLsite version has a special "Sexual Discipline Mode" contained as a purchase bonus.


Escape from the prison town! Or succumb to an wretched whirlpool of unscrupulous immorality...

Acerola & LATIA's second collaboration work is now available! Featuring smooooothly Live2D animated erotic animation, this prison break themed action game filled with erotic depravity is sure to bust your nut!

If you liked the first Acerola & LATIA collaboration:
"Sorceress Tia and the Great Library of Wonder ~Save the World with H Appraisals & Healing~"

Then DEFINITELY check this out!


In a world composed of several large islands, the "Grand Isles."
The royal capital Freesia is the heart of civilization. "Humans" and "Mazoku" both exist, but since ancient times humans have discriminated against Mazoku out of contempt for their appearances and abilities.
While King Freesia wants to make a better world for all, and begins to enact policy, bringing an end to discrimination is a long and perilous journey.

Situated in this world is the hub of trade and commerce, Marigold.
There a young female adventurer by the name of Lilia Flawless is brimming with excitement.
She is soon to head off on an adventure, and fulfill her dreams by becoming rich through adventuring, crawling dungeons, and discovering treasure.
However, Lilia isn't exactly an athletic buff, nor does she have much prowess in magic...
In fact, she's pretty much bumbling through life at the moment one mistake after another.
"No worries! This time will be all good!" she encourages herself... and heads off to a dungeon where rumor has it that magical gems are just waiting to be discovered.

At the same time in the royal capital Freesia...
Sheryl, the ace of the the Kingdom's Order of Knights, is given a command.
She is to investigate recent reports of Mazoku disappearances.
Intel has it that some suspicious individuals were spotted entering and exiting dungeons.
It is likely that some humans with a grudge against Mazoku are abducting them.
Sheryl parts with her colleague / lover Roy and heads off to perform the investigation alone.
Lilia heads to the dungeon in search of treasure, and finds it deep within.
However, she also happens upon a strange group performing experiments on Mazoku.
... And they happen upon her to!
Just before she is assailed by the group, Sheryl steps in to save the day.
Why is Valice Bernard, a governor in the service of King Freesia... doing such things?

Before they can get any answers, Lilia and Sheryl are assailed by the enraged
and berserk Mazoku that was being experimented on, and they lose consciousness.
Valice thought to kill the two, but after seeing their bods came up with a different idea.
Grinning devilishly, he abducts them and takes them to his base of operations...

Prison Town Luxaria.

When Lilia wakes up, she finds herself in a strange research laboratory.
It would seem that both Lilia and Sheryl have been implanted with an experimental magichip:
"Ecchi H-chip Protoype"
Via this chip, the two become more susceptible to sexual discipline and training...
Their bodies now in a permanent state of ovulation, they are easily impregnated...
and now, even when they are not pregnant, their breasts lactate.
On top of all that, the chip itself works towards lewdly corrupting them with sex sl*ve brainwashing.
It is only a matter of time before they become mindless sluts that do whatever they are commanded.

Thus begins Lilia and Sheryl's life in Prison Town Luxaria.
They must pay Valice a set amount every day... and if they miss a payment, r*pe and violation awaits!
Can our two heroines successfully escape from their dismal predicament?
Or will they fall before Valice's ambitions... reduced to mindless dick driven cumdump sex sl*ves.

Game Flow

While the main objective is to pay your bail money by working, selling items, etc...
As the story events progress, you may find yourself with new and different objectives.
Which path you take and ending you reach is entirely up to you, the player.

This game utilizes the concept of Time and Date.
Like an NTR series, it has a "Day" part and a "Night" part.
Once the night part ends, one day will have progressed.

Generally speaking, the day part involves Lilia heading to the dungeon and exploring, or working in exchange for money / HHP (Erotic Points). The night part on the other hand involves Sheryl working in exchange for money / HHP, or performing spy work about how to escape.

Regardless of day or night, it is possible to perform prostitution with NPCs for money.
If you are unable to pay Valice your daily tribute, then Melcure will dish out some erotic punishment.

Game Systems

[Jiggly Bouncy Live 2D Animation]
Smoothly animated sex scenes.
Clothing and pregbelly variations accordingly depicted!
Lilia and Sheryl's states reflected in the animation too!

[Sexual Development System]
Lilia: Obedience, Exhibitionism, and Desire to be sexually harassed
Sheryl: Obedience, Exhibitionism, and Infidelity
+ Physical parts: Mouth, Breasts, Vagina, Anus

Each of these parameters can be developed.
By reaching certain thresholds, status effects will be applied,
and the heroines will start to react differently.
(* Special H-scenes may also be unlocked!)

[Sexual Harassment / Molestation System]
All over town there are people out to cop a feel.
Usually Lilia can avoid them... but based on various parameters, she may not be able to...
When molested, her sexual parameters will be developed.
The resource management of Desire, Stamina, and Sexual Frustration
is an important key to escaping from Prison Town Luxaria.

[Breast Milk System]
There is a breast milk guage that fills up as Lilia and Sheryl go about their daily taks.
When the gauge fills to max, they will leak milk and the pose art will change.
There are also special H scenes related to breast milk status.

[Pregnancy / Day-by-Day Conception Probability System]
Due to the magichip implants, Lilia and Sheryl are always in a state of ovulation.
(And thus much more susceptible to becoming pregnant.)

Whether they are inseminated or not depends on their ovary defense, vs the opponents semen offence.
Watch out for "Danger Days" where ovary defense is set to 0 by default!
* You can confirm the name of any father/s via the erotic parameter screen.

[Fully Fledged Erotic Parameters Screen]
This time we've added many many more kinds of erotic parameters.
How many times the girls have sex in various different positions.
How much cum each of their orifices has guzzled. The number of cumshots too.
Approx. 60 different sexual history datapoints for both Lilia and Sheryl!

[Real Time Sexual Development Increment Management System]
Need more be said? The sexual development of the heroines will be shown popping up in real time!
Like "Titjob Count +1" and "Pussy cum-guzzle total +200ml" etc...

[Virgin Clear / Pure Love Playthrough, etc. Can play HOW YOU LIKE!]
It is possible for the heroines to clear this game as virgins.
So, depending on your player skill, you can avoid sex entirely.
Or even enjoy the sub-character H-scenes only.

[Action Filled Dungeons]
A simple action game where you control Lilia and defeat enemies.
If she bumps into enemies in a sexually frustrated state, sexual violation ensues!
All in Live2D animation. Plenty of original pixel art sex content too!

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