NTR Girl ~I Thought I Was the Only One That Loved Her~

  • NTR Girl ~I Thought I Was the Only One That Loved Her~ [The Church of NTR]
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NTR Girl ~I Thought I Was the Only One That Loved Her~ [The Church of NTR]
Release date Mar/19/2021
Update information Mar/29/2021
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Product summary



This game is about confessing your love to your childhood friend over summer break.
If you're able to complete your confession in time, you'll get together, and your dream will be fulfilled.
However, if you play around too much, perhaps another boy will swoop in to steal her away from you...

If she's left alone...her purity cannot be guaranteed.
If you're too slow, you might even get a front-row seat to her getting taken from you!

You might also see how she's changing via uploads on certain adult websites...
Can you get together with the heroine in time!?

"This will be the summer I get together with Wakana!"

Haruta finally decided the day before the start of summer break.
This will be the year he confesses his love. It's been too long.
Wakana surely feels the same, and it seems the summer will be a fun, and fulfilling one.

"Hey, you know that Wakana Nonomiya?"
"Wow, look at the tits on her!"
"Alright, I've decided. I'm making her my sex friend before summer ends."

It seems another boy is after Wakana too under Haruta's nose...
A handsome playboy that's popular with all the girls.

Can Haruta win out against this competition, or will Wakana be used and corrupted?

[H Scenes]
17 H scenes total (Excluding different perspectives)
Includes lots of scenes ranging from deflowering to pleasure-corruption.
H scenes are also uploaded to a certain porn site to be viewed by anyone.

H scenes can be viewed from 3 perspectives: "Protagonist", "Girlfriend", and "Girlfriend's Secret Lover".
You can also see the comments written on the porn site!

The game includes multiple endings.
Check out what the heroine did each day in her diary.
The protagonist also finds out the password for the legendary student porn site rumored at school.
Her face is mosaiced, so he doesn't realize he's watching the girl of his dreams get pleasure-corrupted before his eyes.

- Protagonist perspective
The girl's face is mosaiced. For those that want to put themselves in the protagonist's shoes.

- Heroine perspective
See how the heroine is feeling, and how she's being sexually developed in her own words.
See the moment her feelings for the protagonist melt away, and she gives in to the pleasure of sex
with another man.

- Playboys' Perspective
Enjoy the playboy's feeling of power and conquest as he makes the heroine submit to him.


CV: Kanon Yuugiri

A kind and docile girl who is sexually inexperienced. Has massive breasts.
She has feelings for the protagonist, but doesn't mind things staying as they are now.
Her body makes her surprisingly popular in class despite her personality not standing out much.

The protagonist's senior. A handsome playboy that fucks around.

The protagonist. A sexual curious boy that wants to confess to Wakana, but has been unable to.
He thinks he's the only one that has eyes for her.

Update information

  • Mar/29/2021
    Bug fixes

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