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Soft 'n' Squishy Lady Patchouli

  • Soft 'n' Squishy Lady Patchouli [Ito Life]
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Soft 'n' Squishy Lady Patchouli [Ito Life]
Circle Ito Life
Release date Dec/30/2020
Series name 伊東ライフ
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★Marine Houshou, sets sail for Gensoukyou~!★
Captain Marine and her weird and wacky crew set sail for the lands of Touhou
Vocal arrangements! Voice dramas! Everything goes!
It's all packed in here, everything she wanted to do in one CD!

Contains the CD jacket illustration, 6 awesome songs, and approx. 40 minutes of voice drama!

Don't ya think a doujin / indie work like this is worth it once in a while?
Unparalleled Touhou Doujin Music brought to you by COOL&CREATE!!

Official Website:

* This is a Touhou Project derivative work created by doujin circle "COOL&CREATE"

★Track List★
Marine Houshou (CV: Marine Houshou)

02.ホイホイ☆幻想ホロイズム / 宝鐘マリン with ホロイズムファンタジー
Song: Marine Houshou
Voice: Pekora Usada, Rushia Uruha, Flare Shiranui, Noel Shirogane
Lyrics / Arrangement: BeatMARIO, Maron / Track Making: Maron (IOSYS)
Original Song: 神々が恋した幻想郷 / Source: 東方風神録

03.キャプテン・マリンのケツアンカー / 宝鐘マリン
Song: Marine Houshou
Lyrics: Yoshimi Yuuno (IOSYS) / Arrangement: ARM (IOSYS)
Original Song: Captain Murasa / Source: 東方星蓮船
Cover Source: キャプテン・ムラサのケツアンカー (IOSYS)

04.【第1話】#マリン迷走中 この竹林、抜け出せるのか…!?
Marine Houshou (CV: Marine Houshou)
Tewi Inaba (CV: Pekora Usada)
Reisen Udonge Inaba (CV: Miko Sakura)

05.シアワセうさぎ・ぺこみこマリン / 兎田ぺこら、さくらみこ、宝鐘マリン
Song: Pekora Usada, Miko Sakura, Marin Houshou
Lyrics: BeatMARIO, Amane / Arrangement: myu314 / MIX: Hamu
Original Song: お宇佐さまの素い幡、シンデレラケージ ~ Kagome-Kagome
Source: 東方花映塚, 東方永夜抄
Cover Source: シアワセうさぎ (COOL&CREATE)

Marine Houshou (CV: Marine Houshou)
Reisen Udonge Inaba (CV: Miko Sakura)
Alice Margatroid (CV: Shion Murasaki)
Marisa Kirisame (CV: Fubuki Shirakami)
Patchouli Knowledge (CV: Rushia Uruha)

07.イヤホンロマンス / 宝鐘マリン
Song: Marine Houshou
Lyrics :BeatMARIO, Maron (IOSYS) / Arrangement:ARM(IOSYS)
Original Song: ネイティブフェイス, ハルトマンの妖怪少女, 万年置き傘にご注意を, 天空のグリニッジ
Source: 東方風神録, 東方地霊殿, 東方星蓮船, 大空魔術

Marine Houshou (CV: Marine Houshou)
Cirno (CV: NatsuiroMatsuri)
Patchouli Knowledge (CV: Rushia Uruha)
Remilia Scarlet (CV: Aqua Minato)
Marisa Kirisame (CV: Fubuki Shirakami)

Marine Houshou (CV: Marine Houshou)
Yuyuko Saigyouji (CV: Noel Shirogane)
Yukari Yakumo (CV: Flare Shiranui)
Ran Yakumo (CV: Fubuki Shirakami)
Marisa Kirisame (CV: Fubuki Shirakami)

10.Over the Border / 宝鐘マリン feat.不知火フレア
Song: Marine Houshou feat.不知火フレア
Lyrics: Lettuce Shichijou (IOSYS) Arrangement: D.watt (IOSYS)
Original Song: 少女綺想曲~ Dream Battle, 恋色マスタースパーク, ネクロファンタジア
Source: 東方永夜抄, 東方妖々夢

Marine Houshou (CV: Marine Houshou)

12.Help me, ERINNNNNN!! #幻想郷ホロイズムver. / 宝鐘マリンと愉快な仲間たち
Song: Marine Houshou
Voice: Pekora Usada, Miko Sakura, Shion Murasaki, Fubuki Shirakami,
Rushia Uruha, NatsuiroMatsuri, Aqua Minato, Noel Shirogane, Flare Shiranui
Lyrics: BeatMARIO / Arrangement: BeatMARIO, Tera (Shoujo Riron Kansokujo)
Musical Performance: Tera (Shoujo Riron Kansokujo)
Original Song: 竹取飛翔 ~ Lunatic Princess
Source: 東方永夜抄
Cover Source: Help me, ERINNNNNN!! (COOL&CREATE)

★Staff List★
Marine Houshou

and her friends:
Pekora Usada (Tewi Inaba)
Miko Sakura(Reisen Udongein Inaba)
Shion Murasaki (Alice Margatroid)
Fubuki Shirakami (Marisa Kirisame, Ran Yakumo)
Rushia Uruha (Patchouli Knowledge)
NatsuiroMatsuri (Cirno)
Aqua Minato (Remilia Scarlet)
Noel Shirogane(Yuyuko Saigyouji)
Flare Shiranui (Yukari Yakumo)

Main Illustration:
Life Itou
Marine Houshou

ZUN-style Illustrations:

Lettuce Shichijou (IOSYS)

Hamu (Foxtail-Grass Studio)

Music Production / Assistance:
Maron (IOSYS)
D.watt (IOSYS)
Tera (Shoujo Riron Kansokujo)
Hamu (Foxtail-Grass Studio)


Shibayan (ShibayanRecords)

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