[Live2D] [R18] Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko - Furfect Edition - [English Ver.]

  • [Live2D] [R18] Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko - Furfect Edition - [English Ver.] [Megami Soft]
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[Live2D] [R18] Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko - Furfect Edition - [English Ver.] [Megami Soft]
Circle Megami Soft
Release date Jul/27/2021
Series name ぜん部シリーズ
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Product summary

[Live2D] [R18] Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko - Furfect Edition - [English Ver.] [Megami Soft]

This game depicts a peaceful, soothing world packed based around player communication.

The Foxgirl Konko is like a VTuber, making soft and subtle movements on your screen as she interacts with you in a variety of ways.

Thanks to smooth Live2D animation and realistic voice work, Konko seems real enough to reach out and touch, as you enjoy a sweet, never-ending honeymoon-like life together.

[Live2D] [R18] Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko - Furfect Edition - [English Ver.] [Megami Soft]

There's nothing in here as dramatic as a typical visual novel.
All you do is enjoy your loving life with Konko.

There are 1,500,000 patterns for Konko's model, 15,000 voice samples, 200 types of outfits and items, and 100 simple-to-get events. All of that comes together to create your daily life with Konko.

[Live2D] [R18] Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko - Furfect Edition - [English Ver.] [Megami Soft]

Once she's your lover, your sweet life together will go on forever.
In a normal visual novel, getting together is the end goal, but here it's just the beginning.

[Live2D] [R18] Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko - Furfect Edition - [English Ver.] [Megami Soft]

When you unlock the special commands just for lovers, you can communicate even more deeply.
Things like kissing and hugging that you might do as a couple are included, plus a variety of sillier actions like tickling.

Have a fun date on the weekends, or enjoy mixed bathing at a hot spring.
What kind of relationship will you have? It's all up to you.

[Live2D] [R18] Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko - Furfect Edition - [English Ver.] [Megami Soft]

With close to 200 different outfits, every day with Konko can be different!

It's not just clothes, either -- you can customize Konko's hair and accessories, too.
Create the perfect Konko just for you!

[Live2D] [R18] Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko - Furfect Edition - [English Ver.] [Megami Soft]

There's a "Pet Mode" as a bonus.
Konko will love you as a pet loves her master.
Let her different but adorable mannerisms soothe you.

We plan to add outfit updates from time to time.
With this many outfits and ways to communicate,
you'll always be in search of a new kind of "kawaii"!

Konko promises she'll marry you one day...
Enjoy your premarital honeymoon!

This product contains overlapping content with other "Konko to no Nichijou" / "Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko" products. (e.g. RJ222179, RJ248714, RJ308757, RJ304810, RJ311577)

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萌え(7) 癒し(6) けもの/獣化(6) きせかえ(5) 獣耳(5) 日常/生活(5) 感動(4) ほのぼの(4) 純愛(4) オールハッピー(4)

Reviews: 12

Jul/27/2021   Purchased

Loved it!

Very cute and fun game! If you have doubts about the game, try out the free trial version of this game before purchasing this one. This game is extremely wholesome, even without the ero-parts, the game alone can heal your soul. Interactions with Konko will leave you with a smile on your face that doesn't go away. It also has a serviceable amount of outfits and customization options for the heroine, with even more being added in the future!

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Aug/17/2021   Purchased

Loved it!

There are some games in which the entire purpose is to be used like a sex toy. You bring it out when you want to orgasm, and you put it away when you're done.

This game, on the other hand, isn't really a sex toy or at all suitable for a quick masturbation session.

Instead, it's a game that wants you to relax and build intimacy with Konko, ideally over a long period of (real life) time.

Maybe you'll even fall in love with Konko.

I know I have.

4 users found this helpful. Report ]

Sep/28/2021   Purchased

Loved it!

Keywords the reviewer selected :

Remember t*aching f*eling? same vibes but way better with a lot of quality, if you feel alone this girl will help you go through it.
You can take your time to deepen your bond with her, and take care of her, and of course ravage her!
The L2d is amazing and has a lot of different possibilities, the art is good and there are lots of outfits, you can work in a part time job to get her stuff and also get more in gacha.
If you liked t*aching f*eling this one will be for you.

1 users found this helpful. Report ]

Loved it!

The game take its time to have you get to know Konko a lot better, but it was fun and relaxing at times.
Absolutely love the live2D implementation for various scenes in this game.
A good amount of activity can be done with Konko and a whole bunch of unlockable costume to gather for Konko to wear.
All sort of fun and interesting interaction and dialogue between Konko and you when performing various activities.
The voice acting performance for Konko and Nanako are great.
The H-scene are done well although, more H-scene situation could help make for a better experience, but what is available is done great.

Overall I really enjoy this whole game

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Nov/24/2021   Purchased

Loved it!

This game is not your traditional ero game where you jump straight into lewd content. This one here is a real slow burner and just as the developers suggested, I too, recommend taking this one real slow.

The reason being that you're essentially playing as a slice-of-life character that helps your newly acquainted foxgirl friend perform good deeds for your good deeds club (Shocker, I know). Trying to power through all the interactions to get to the lewd stuff really takes away from the experience all together and robs you of the intimacy you could possibly develop towards you fuzzy-tailed friend. I suggest playing no more than 15-30 minutes a day.

After you get closer with Konko, more events like dates, cafeteria outings, and hot spring events become available and my god is it ever so wholesome.

Long story short, get this game if you ever feel like you need a slow burning, high dosage of wholesomeness injected into your life.

Report ]

Oct/04/2021   Purchased

Loved it!

If you want a game to build-up intimacy with your waifu this is the right title for you.
Konko is a cute foxgirl you want to spend time with, each day in colorful animated Live2D situation. There's a ingame shop for customization and dialogue are voiced.
I can consider the game like a "trainer" type of game but without the stats growth and focused on the relationship with the character.
I suggest to play a couple of ingame days at a time to maximaze the longevity of the game.

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