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Mine Dungeon X ~Rurumu's trip~

  • Mine Dungeon X ~Rurumu's trip~ [Serurebu]
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Mine Dungeon X ~Rurumu's trip~ [Serurebu]
Circle Serurebu
Release date Jan/15/2021
Update information Mar/16/2021
Series name 機核覚醒
Author セルシス
Illustration Kareya / 全紅白子
Voice Actor 砂糖しお / 水谷六花
Music 楓雅九弥
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Necessary Settings The application may not function unless a Japanese language pack is set properly in your PC / the System Locale is set to Japanese. For more details, please refer to [ How can I set my system locale to Japanese? ] on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Product summary

!The Story!
The robot Rurumu finds herself in quite a predicament as her way home is strewn with landmines!
With only her wits to rely on, she must navigate through the minefield with her mine-detection skill
and embark on an adventure—minesweeper style!

!The System!
We’re back with cute girls and minesweeping!
A minesweeper action adventure with enemies and obstacles to conquer!
Our latest edition includes a hit point (HP) system and mine detection flares to support you.
With a myriad of new enemy types and boss encounters, an exciting new adventure awaits!

!Difficulty Levels!

Training - Much fewer mines, mine locations don't change on retry
Beginner - Stage settings are the same as Expert, but damage received is lowered.
Expert - The base difficulty

This time, you have access to four types of bullets
Destructive: Break down obstacles or enemies
Search: Display hidden numbers underneath unreleased blocks
Teleport: Warp to a designated location
Sealing: Block enemy movement or ranged attacks

A variety of defeat HCGs have been added as well for when you game over
to certain enemies or bosses.

13 base HCG (10 defeat CG)
30 variations
3 other CG


  • Mine Dungeon X ~Rurumu's trip~ [Serurebu]

    Rurumu: (CV:SatouShio (SugarSolt))

    The heroine. A maid robot working for the village chief Bururu of Noruru village.
    Can think like a human, and enjoys watching dramas daily with Bururu.

  • Mine Dungeon X ~Rurumu's trip~ [Serurebu]


    A villager that sometimes drops by to play with Bururu,
    and is eager to help the village.

  • Mine Dungeon X ~Rurumu's trip~ [Serurebu]


    The village chief of Noruru. Most thing the village chief is an old person,
    but actually, she's a mysterious young girl.

  • Mine Dungeon X ~Rurumu's trip~ [Serurebu]

    Raskana: (CV: Ritsuka Mizutani)


Product Information / System Requirements

Intel i5-6200U 2.30GHz以上

Update information

  • Mar/16/2021
    Bug fixes
  • Feb/01/2021
    Bug fixes

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