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In the Aquarium: Sinking with Kana

  • In the Aquarium: Sinking with Kana [FoxEye]
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In the Aquarium: Sinking with Kana [FoxEye]
Circle FoxEye
Release date Dec/25/2019
Series name カリンシリーズ
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IE11 or later PC browser recommended

Product summary

A spin-off work of "Karin's Skin Diving Diary!".
The school swimsuit-wearing protagonist Kana has an adventure as she dives into a tank at the aquarium.

While the genre is illustration collection, you can follow the story and get branching paths, for an adventure game feel.
But for those who simply want to see the CG, of course, there is no save data and all the images are there from the start for you to enjoy.

Sample of the wavering animation can be viewed here:

16 base illustrations
45 total including variations (1200x1600 resolution)
44 wavering GIFs including variations (540x720 resolution)
7 clothing change patterns for the title image + expression variations
For a total of 96 pages.

Images and scenes can be accessed easily using HTML.
Almost all illustrations contain stills and gently wavering GIFs like real water.

While there are no sex scenes, in the story there are some scenes of the girl drowning, having her swimsuit ripped, etc.

A 1366x768 resolution display or greater is recommended.
Your browser's zoom function can be used to make the image larger or smaller.
Some parts may be difficult to view on mobile.


Product Information / System Requirements

1366x768 or above display resolution

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