Milky Married Manager ~Cucking and Impregnating the Boss!~

  • Milky Married Manager ~Cucking and Impregnating the Boss!~ [Norn/Miel/Cybele]
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Milky Married Manager ~Cucking and Impregnating the Boss!~ [Norn/Miel/Cybele]
Release date Mar/27/2020
Scenario 有巻洋太
Illustration T-28
Voice Actor 榎津まお
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Product summary

Make Your Boss Your Slut!

The boss is back from her maternity leave, and the sweet fragrance of her momma's milk has you hot!
It seems since giving birth, she hasn't been getting any action, so you see your chance to swoop in, and
impregnate her with some seed of your own!

This kind and dependable boss gets down and dirty with some cheating sex!
Get those luscious milky titties all for yourself!
Whether it's at work, or in the same bed her husband uses, you get to fuck her to your heart's content!
And unlike that husband of hers, you don't mind plowing her even after she's pregnant...

In this work, enjoy the gap between a kind and maternal woman,
and her lewd moaning as she gets titty-teased and fucked hard!

CV: Mao Enokidu

Product Information / System Requirements

Celeron333 MHz(以上推奨)
128 MB(以上推奨)

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