Core Awaken ~Jilelen and the Crimson Dungeon~

  • Core Awaken ~Jilelen and the Crimson Dungeon~ [Serurebu]
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Core Awaken ~Jilelen and the Crimson Dungeon~ [Serurebu]
Circle Serurebu
Release date Nov/28/2019
Update information Jun/22/2020
Series name 機核覚醒
Author セルシス
Illustration Kareya / 円周率 / 全紅白子
Voice Actor 御上みみ / 水谷六花 / 本多未季
Music 楓雅九弥
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Necessary Settings The application may not function unless a Japanese language pack is set properly in your PC / the System Locale is set to Japanese. For more details, please refer to [ How can I set my system locale to Japanese? ] on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Product summary

"Robot love is prohibited"
In an age where robots are too similar to humans,
concerns arise that marriage with robots could lead to a huge decrease in the birth rate,
causing a gradual extinction for the human species.

A biologist named Lim works together with a robo-scientist named JinLin,
and her assistant LittleSnow in order to search the ancient Crimson Dungeon
and find a way for humans and robots to coexist.

[About the game]
This is a 3D Action Game with the following levels of difficulty:
Standard: Base level
Hard: Intermediate Level.
Very hard: Expert Level.
No Future: For the best of the best.

Make good use of Jilelen and LittleSnow's abilities to progress through the game.
As you suffer attacks from the monsters, your Sullied Gauge rises.
The gauge has no impact on your character's actions,
but after it exceeds a certain point, you may receive H attacks.
H attacks include: Tentacles, forced masturbation, egg-laying, etc. (depending on the enemy)

As you receive H attacks, your Penetration Level rises.
If it exceeds your max HP, you become unable to fight.
If both characters are unable to fight, it's GAME OVER, followed by
an upon-defeat violation scene. CG will be displayed relative to the Boss.
Ero elements for both Jilelen and LittleSnow are included.

[KAKIN Point System]
You can use these points to unlock features
like "Unlocked 100% of Scenes"

Jilelen: A long-range attacker who can use various types of magic.
LittleSnow: A close-range character that makes use of items and a large hammer.

[Frame strengthening system]
4 frame statuses in total included

[Special attack system]
* Jilelen can learn new magic spells at a certain place.
Use various kinds of magic by mixing and matching 6
types of magic elements and magic traces.
* LittleSnow can learn special techniques to increase her
combat ability when certain conditions are fulfilled.

[Trance system]
Jilelen and LittleSnow can enter a trance that fuses robotics and animals.
In these trances, they turn into animal forms, and can overcome
obstacles impossible for humanoid bodies.
Of course, H events for this form are included as well!

[Village development system]
After finding the ruins of a village in the labyrinth,
Jilelen decides to turn it into her own secret base.
With the help of the villagers, the village can be rebuilt.
H events are included for the village NPCs as well!

[Relic collection]
Collect a variety of ancient relics, and add them to your collection!

[Setting documents]
* By meeting various conditions, you can acquire documents that
tell you about the lore of the Core Awaken world, past and present.

Main story: 20+ HCG
Real-time H: 20+ patterns (planned)

* Please test the trial version before purchase to confirm compatibility.

Product Information / System Requirements

Intel Pentium III 1.0GHz以上

Update information

  • Jun/22/2020
    Content added
  • Jun/21/2020
    Correction of typographical errorsBug fixes
  • May/31/2020
    Bug fixes
  • May/26/2020
    Bug fixes
  • Apr/09/2020
    Bug fixes

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