Futanari Mifuyu's Ultra Naughty Webcam Show ~Whore Edition~

  • Futanari Mifuyu's Ultra Naughty Webcam Show ~Whore Edition~ [Misakura Nankotsu/Harthnir]
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Futanari Mifuyu's Ultra Naughty Webcam Show ~Whore Edition~ [Misakura Nankotsu/Harthnir]
Release date Apr/08/2016
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/ ジェットコースターオナニードラッグムービー
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内気ふたなりネトア「みーふゅ」の鬼ヤバ配信事故~公衆便所編~ 特設ページ

Product summary

You gotta see this mindlessly slutty bishoujo!

Presenting a Misakura Nankotsu/Harthnir x MiMiA Cute collaboration:
high quality 3DCG FULL VOICE polygon anime episode #2!!

After her webcasting mishap, the fan fervor is hotter than ever!

Mifuyu is back and whoring it up, this time in a public toilet with bukkake,
bowlegged masturbation, fourlegged anal and porcelain licking......

Misakura Nankotsu
creators of the bestselling
Asa Kara Zusshiri * Milk Pot series,
Futanari * Idol (Big) Balls series
and much more
MiMiA Cute
animator and creator of
Seshi Knight Millcream,
Miro in the Magic Mirror World,
and futari no Tobari
Alice Sakurai
"aratahime" (new princess)
voice actress with a quality roster
of raunchy-orgasmic performances
returning as Mifuyu

* Story

Simple, bashful girl Mifuyu Hiiragi is a freshman futanari
who unloads her stress with hentai webcam self-pleasure.
But previously, in the middle of a show,
a fan interrupted, turning her solo act into a reverse facef*cking
full course penetration spectacle of two.

Now, Mifuyu is hosting a special "koushuu benjo" broadcast
-- literally from a "public lavatory", as the "putrain maitresse" herself --
and the hentai is once again escalating out of control......!!

* Credits

Planning, character design, scenario and textures by
Misakura Nankotsu

Modeling, complete movie production, sounds mixing by
MiMiA Cute

Voice (CV) by Alice Sakurai

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