• Vampire Revenge [Gaweb Studio]
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Vampire Revenge [Gaweb Studio]
Circle Gaweb Studio
Release date May/09/2015
Last updated Jul/26/2016
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/ ファンタジー・アドベンチャー・トレイニング
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Product summary

Take control of a weakened vampire lord aiming for revenge.
Capture and train enemies to do your bidding!

Vampire Revenge includes the following :
- Blood sucking vampire
- Castle management with upgrade to purchase
- Randomly generated girls
- Randomly generated maze to explore
- Battle against sexy enemies
- Cloth damage
- Hypnosis
- Slave training
- Inventory management
- 4 weapons, 8 outfits, 4 underwear
- Customize slaves equipment
- Five animated sex scenes
- Story
- Boss fights
- Cheat enabled

This product is written in English.

Update Information

  • 2016年07月26日

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Reviews: 2

Jul/29/2015   Purchased

Loved it!

Boiled down, Gaweb Studio's Vampire Revenge is my idea of the perfect vampire game. It has hypnosis, harem building and blood sucking. While I would love to see more added to the game, the foundation is phenomenal and for less than $10 it's hard to go wrong.

The main thing the game needs is sound, some basic looping music and a handful of sound effects would greatly enhance the experience, though as is the perfectly silent game can be an excuse to play your own music in the background.

The next thing I'd like to see is more animation, some standing animation like breathing and blinking could make the characters feel more interesting. I'd also like the option to dress up your slaves since for some reason almost all the ones I caught had the same underwear that I didn't like. Maid uniforms could have been fun even without a maid-type enemy.

What the game does have though it uses very well. It's more difficult to recruit girls than simply kill them and involves different stats, but the reward of having more slaves to feed on and have sex with balances that nicely. The mechanics of the game do an excellent job of making the vampire feel distinct from his vassals, controlling distinct from killing, and valid reasons for pursuing all sides of being a vampire.

Though I could go on about what I'd like to see added, that's mostly because what's there is good enough to support so much more. If you like vampires, mind control, or fantasy role-playing games, for the price there's no reason not to get this game.

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Nov/04/2015   Purchased

A good game, all in all.

Slave models were fairly limited, mostly the same model with variations in clothing and hair.

The interactivity of the plot is pretty diverse, there is a lot of content there, with options as you build your town.

Obviously, it is a first offering, but the concept is good. The things i would like to see, would be the addition of either more character models, or more pronounced variations on them, particularly with regard to breast size and body type... Higher levels of interactivity with slaves would help as well.

The existing breast size variations seem to bee huge and ginormous.

The games sex system incorporates the familiar 'click when the slider is in the sweet spot' you typically see in one-off flash games... I would have preferred a more story based path.

Perhaps something along the lines of a choose the correct text path, or mind control path, to advance a plot unique to each girl, where if you navigate the correct text path, you can access the girls sisters, etc in town and enslave them.

But hey, for what it was it was good, for a $9 offering.

I understand a Sequel is in the works, maybe we will see some more.

Will definitely be taking a look.

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