I Was Seduced By My Sultry Aunt

  • I Was Seduced By My Sultry Aunt [Solarray]
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I Was Seduced By My Sultry Aunt [Solarray]
Circle Solarray
Release date Apr/04/2013
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Product summary

* Story *
That winter break, since my parents were working, my aunt Yuko and uncle Tomohisa
moved in for a while. I was looking forward to this!
They're so much fun when I visit their house, now they're here for a whole vacation.
I especially loved aunt Yuko. She was so pretty she could be on TV.

The first night, she got in the bath tub with me. I got an erection. I was getting
a lot of those recently. She had this look in her eyes and breathed a long, hot breath.
Her eyes got all soft, like she was overheated from the bath. She drew herself close to me.
Then she said, with dripping wet significance, "I can't hold back any more."

She leaned down and coiled her hot tongue around my penis.
It felt like all of my insides suddenly dropped. I had never been so dizzy.
It was a good feeling like I can't describe.
That time I had my first ejaculation ever.

After I finished cumming, not entirely sure what happened,
I thanked her for the amazing gift. She smiled gently. She said,
there's so much that she's going to teach me.
Of course it had to be secret from uncle Tomohisa, and mom and dad.
She was nothing like the aunt Yuko who I thought I knew. Every
word had a dense, honeyness. The way she said "secret" made
me feel deep and and dizzy like when my penis was in her mouth.
An obscene embrace in her smile and desire.

It was a winter break I will never forget in my life.

* Staff *
Artwork: Yuu Mikemono ( http://sigmaarts.blog14.fc2.com/ )
Scenario: Neon Mizukami ( http://neon-iroiro.sakura.ne.jp/frontpage.shtml )
Cast (CV): Yuka Tanematsu

Created by Solarray

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Product Information / System Requirements

Pentium3 1GHz以上 (推奨:Pentium4 1.4GHz以上)
High Color 800x600ピクセル以上(推奨:True Color 1024x768ピクセル以上)
9.0c 以降が導入されている環境を推奨します。

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