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[ENG Ver.] Raising a Happy NEET

  • [ENG Ver.] Raising a Happy NEET [RuririSoft]
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[ENG Ver.] Raising a Happy NEET [RuririSoft]
Circle RuririSoft
Release date Apr/04/2024
Author るりり
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Product summary


[ENG Ver.] Raising a Happy NEET [RuririSoft]

Shizuku (NEET)
A shut-in who is a little shy, but honest.
Something happened in the past, and she has lost her smile.
She's ignorant and knows nothing about life or sex

Because of her family circumstances, you start living with this girl, who is a distant relative...

Game Contents

[ENG Ver.] Raising a Happy NEET [RuririSoft]

・This game is about living with a NEET. Get to know her better and teach her about the joys in life!

・You will live with her 24/7, and have the chance to do various things together...
・By talking to her and teaching her about life, she will gradually be able to help you at home and at work.

Things only you can do when you live together

[ENG Ver.] Raising a Happy NEET [RuririSoft]

・Take a bath together, peek when she's using the toilet, and play a naughty prank while she's asleep.
* There are no violent or ab*sive scenes in this game.
She's shy at first, so take time to communicate with her.

Teaching her naughty adult things

[ENG Ver.] Raising a Happy NEET [RuririSoft]

・She's a shut-in and knows little about sex. Take your time to teach her.
・Touch and fondle her enough, and she will gradually open up enough to let you lick and use toys on her.
・Foreplay scenes are animated.

A position that both of you can enjoy

[ENG Ver.] Raising a Happy NEET [RuririSoft]

・Teach her a variety of positions, and find your ideal one.
・You may toggle between first or third person POVs in most positions.
・Includes creampie, bukkake, anal sex, sex toys and many more.


- Information
Genre: Cohabitation, simulation game
Controls: Mouse
Screen: 1600 x 1000px
Contains approx. 20 daily life CGs, 35 HCGs, with a total of approximately 1000+ CGs.
Number of endings: 2 

- Please Note
Operating requirements conform to RPG Maker MV (tested on Windows and Windows 10)
Please use the following URL to report any bugs.

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