SHINNEMIA in the Forest Invader

  • SHINNEMIA in the Forest Invader [D's production]
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SHINNEMIA in the Forest Invader [D's production]
Release date Apr/20/2024
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Necessary Settings The application may not function unless a Japanese language pack is set properly in your PC / the System Locale is set to Japanese. For more details, please refer to [ How can I set my system locale to Japanese? ] on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Product summary

Frontline Advancing: A New Sensation Strategic Simulation Game

In this game, players command the invading forces of Sinemia from the forests, advancing the frontline while defeating enemy forces. The main tasks for players primarily involve unit production and placement. It's a straightforward gameplay where you relentlessly push from the left side of the screen to the right, yet it harbors profound strategic depth. Experience a new sensation of gaming that doesn't fit into existing game types, awaiting you.

Game Overview

  • SHINNEMIA in the Forest Invader [D's production]

    [Unit Placement]
    Based on the enemy's positioning and the terrain, deploy your own army units onto the battlefield.

  • SHINNEMIA in the Forest Invader [D's production]

    When the engagement begins, each unit will act automatically according to its own attack range and abilities.
    Depending on the situation, units may charge forward to push the frontline, thereby expanding the deployable area.
    Ultimately, the objective of the game is to invade the enemy's stronghold.

  • SHINNEMIA in the Forest Invader [D's production]

    Breed units together to produce new units.
    To create new military branches, you must capture enemy units and breed them.
    Breeding and HP recovery consume resources. Managing resources is one of the highlights of this game.

  • SHINNEMIA in the Forest Invader [D's production]

    [Unit Types]
    There are a total of six unit types in the game. Each type has different attack range, movement range, and abilities, as well as distinctions between ground and aerial types, each with its own role to fulfill.
    The diverse usage of unit types is key to mastering the game.

A plethora of user-friendly features include:

  • Acceleration and skipping options for battles and events.
  • Comprehensive tutorials and tactical advice.
  • A function allowing the review of text at any time.
  • Automatic saving every few turns.
  • Full support for both Japanese and English in all text, from system messages to event dialogue.
  • Key configuration for both keyboard and game controllers.
  • Constant display of instructional prompts.
  • Abundant shortcut keys, with many primary actions achievable with just one button.
  • Enhanced support features such as unit repositioning, mass unit deployment, automatic list sorting, and continuous engagement, reducing tedious tasks.

The winner ravaging the loser: A merciless event scene.

SHINNEMIA in the Forest Invader [D's production]

The victorious Sinnemia army fucks, and impregnates, and kills the girls of the defeated enemy army according to their desires.
Sexual depictions with no mercy whatsoever. Will you feel disgust or ecstasy

[Number of Scenes, Number of Illustrations, etc.]
- Event Scenes: 3
- Still (Single Image) Illustrations: 4 images. However, the total number of characters appearing is over 10.
- Simplified Animation Images for Events: 10 types
- Unit Images: Approximately 10 basic images. Over 300 variations by combining parts. All include walking animations.

(English product description provided by the creator.)

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