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Inside the Box of Love-Bugs-Shrine

  • Inside the Box of Love-Bugs-Shrine [250 paces lane]
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Inside the Box of Love-Bugs-Shrine [250 paces lane]
Release date Mar/30/2024
Scenario Horochi
Illustration Horochi
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Moena Ichijo has bad luck with bugs and is forced to change schools because of it.
So she visits the "Love-Bugs-Shrine" to settle a centuries-old feud.

However, what awaited her at the "Love-Bugs-Shrine" was a ritual using bugs that was unimaginable.
Tens of thousands...hundreds of thousands...of insects, insects, insects, insects, insects, insects, and insects press down on the soft skin of her without mercy.

The story of the raging attack of bugs, bondage, and humiliation!

Will Moena be able to endure the madness of the bugs attack and reconcile with its?
The density of bugs on the screen is very high. If you don't like bugs, please don't buy it.


A young lady who hates bugs is covered in cockroaches.
She pees in front of the audience, is made her nipples come, and is ravished by a huge cockroach.

12 scenes
Total 142 pictures
(Total 279 pictures including 137 without text)

(English product description provided by the creator.)

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