[Spicy Yandere Situational Audio] Wow, I really am pathetic, huh? (F4M)

  • [Spicy Yandere Situational Audio] Wow, I really am pathetic, huh? (F4M) [Kou Amashita]
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[Spicy Yandere Situational Audio] Wow, I really am pathetic, huh? (F4M) [Kou Amashita]
Circle Kou Amashita
Release date Mar/29/2024
Scenario cosmiccdreams
Voice Actor Kou Amashita
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/ MP3同梱
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ASMR Summary

"They have been friends for a long time, since childhood to be exact. This friendship is based around the fact he is a very good guy, with a bit of a good Samaritan streak in him, and he has been helping his helpless best friends since they've met. She is so clumsy and helpless, it's almost adorable, or it would be if it didn't put her in such a dangerous situation. Having such a helpless childhood friend that’s so dependent on him has put her in a tough situation, where he can't really pursue on his romantic life, as any time spent away from her is time where she could be hurt, deceived or even worse. It has reached the point where the listener has decided to tell the speaker that it's time for her to become more Independent, so that, among other things, he is finally able to pursue a relationship with his crush. That surely can't backfire."

Audio Files: WAV & MP3 (English Voice)

Tracks (Total Playtime - 19:21)

  • You are finally here, bestie!
  • Is that for me?
  • It's you and me
  • So, I hope that's the end of it


Character Voice: Kou Amashita
Your Local Mafia Boss and English VTuber, Voice Actor and VSinger that somehow landed myself into this ASMR sphere.



Written by the talented: RodrigoScripts

(English product description provided by the creator.)

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