At Her Mercy [Volume 03]

  • At Her Mercy [Volume 03] [Small Writing Big Stories]
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At Her Mercy [Volume 03] [Small Writing Big Stories]
Release date Mar/28/2024
Series name At Her Mercy
Author NRawk
Illustration strausserqueen / Chibichi
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Page count 28
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At Her Mercy [Volume 03]

Despite everything they put her through, Mercedes doesn’t seem to want to get revenge on her tormentors. However, that doesn’t mean she won’t have some fun making sure they know who is in charge. Whether they like it or not, they’ll have to follow her rules, and her punishments will be just as creative as the bullying they subjected her to. Just because she took a passive approach to dealing with them before, Mercedes is not afraid to demonstrate the difference in their statures now.

Tags: Size Difference, Shrinking, Clothing Entrapment, Butt, Breasts, Playful Giantess, Gentle Giantess, Smothering

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