[ENG Ver.] Until I Am Femcorrupted

  • [ENG Ver.] Until I Am Femcorrupted [Translators Unite]
Release date Mar/14/2024
Author 越後屋タケル
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Hayama is a man who repeatedly engaged in womanizing.
One day, poetic justice sees that he is suddenly transformed into a woman!

Not only that, he ends up getting fucked by his male friend who is angry with Hayama for cucking his girl.
After which he indulges in masturbation, and the friend finds out his true identity...!
Finally, unable to resist the sweet pleasures of the female body, he is femcorrupted!?

A TS themed manga with plenty of erotic scenes!

48 main pages
* Unlike the sample images, the actual pages use line / bar censoring.

* As reasoning for the feminizing transformation, there is a short explanation with some NTR depictions, but... It is not the main theme of the story. The main thread of the story does not contain elements of NTR.

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