[ENG Ver.] Un etudiant de la fille ~color~

  • [ENG Ver.] Un etudiant de la fille ~color~ [Translators Unite]
Release date Apr/02/2024
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A bold full color remake of the first work in the series.
An original male audience oriented full colored R18 manga.

Yui Serizawa is a beautiful high achieving student, but she has a quiet disposition and almost no friends.
At first glance, she gives off a rather plain impression.
As she views everything from an emotionally detached perspective, she looks down upon her classmates and perhaps due to that, an aura of unapproachability emanates from her.
On the other hand, she has a strong interest in sex, and is enlightened to a rather peculiar fetish.
After school, she will seduce meek young men and perform fellatio on them to fill her belly.

"Did you know? Semen tastes different depending on the person."

23 pages (including the cover)
Single page and spread page style
JPEG format

This product contains overlapping content with "Un etudiant de la fille" (RJ097151)

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