[ENG Ver.] Drug To Become Another Person 2

  • [ENG Ver.] Drug To Become Another Person 2 [Translators Unite]
Release date Apr/26/2024
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A story of possession and deviant masturbation.
How would you like to make the girl of your dreams become "yours truly?"

In this volume the target is a cheerful and openhearted sporty girl. The total opposite of our protagonist.
As he is perplexed by this new found body... another girl kindly calls out to "her."
From there, what do the two girls get up to... or should we say down to?
Of course, some immorally delectable lesbian sex. That's what!

21 main pages + cover = 22 total

* Digital version of a doujinshi published at Comic Market 96.
* The sequel to "Drug To Become Another Person" (RJ231175)

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