[ENG Ver.] I Got Cursed by the Most Immoral Ghost?!

  • [ENG Ver.] I Got Cursed by the Most Immoral Ghost?! [Translators Unite]
Release date May/16/2024
Author だんちょ
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My body gets stolen by an evil spirit... And I'm made to perform perverted roleplay!!

This is the story of a girl who picks up a spirit attachment at a haunted location. Though her consciousness remains, her body autonomy is snatched away, and she's made to perform dirty roleplay that's waaay too humiliating!

22 main pages. 30 total including opening pages, character sheet, and afterword.
* Unlike the sample images, the actual pages use black bar censoring.

Public nudity/erotic selfie posts/masturbation stream/mouth agape/three-way public sex/street nudity/standing doggy style/doggy style/cleanup fellatio/vibrator/" Synopsis "There's a tunnel where women who go there become cursed.


I visited a haunted location with such rumors surrounding it without taking it very seriously. I was planning to take video for my streaming channel, but I never thought I'd actually encounter a ghost!

When I passed out and woke up, I was back home before I knew it. When I thought, "Was that ghost stuff all just a dream?" My cell phone wouldn't stop going off.

Unbeknownst to me, my nude selfies had been posted, and everyone had seen them?! What the heck!? I don't do this kind of thing! Don't spread them around!

Then the female ghost from before showed up. She was an exhibitionist who froze to death by indulging in public nudity in the middle of winter.

So she takes her frustrations out on women who visit the tunnel she died in by possessing them and engaging in acts of perversion. You're shitting me, right?

"Shoot to become an excellent exhibitionist!"
"I won't give your body back until I'm satisfied."

And then I really got naked in front of the camera... And I streamed myself masturbating with my pussy wide open! My life is over... I can never be seen in public again.

Not only that, but some guys who pinpointed the park where I streamed appeared right in front of me and...?

(English product description provided by "WonderTrade".)

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