[ENG Ver.] She's Your Real Mom, But Her Social Class Means She's Your Maid

  • [ENG Ver.] She's Your Real Mom, But Her Social Class Means She's Your Maid [Translators Unite]
Release date Mar/16/2024
Illustration 匿名ヒーロー
Voice Actor 今谷皆美
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The 12th story-focused work about moms from 18+ audio circle MooNSHINeR.
A fantasy story about finding out your wet nurse is your real mother.

You're the third in line for the throne of a small kingdom. Even so, you're still young and have two brothers ahead of you, so your power is limited. You live a carefree, quiet life.

Your wet nurse has been with you that whole life. She's a wonder with housework, and her friendly disposition makes her trusted around the castle. You're much more attached to her than your mother, the queen. She always stays lovingly by your side.

One day while you're in the bath, one of the new maids came in seeking some comfort. Not knowing she was after something a bit more intimate, you irately have your wet nurse take care of it.

Your wet nurse taught you all about sex, and that's exactly the kind of relationship you want with her. But she refuses. Nonetheless, you keep pestering her and she finally relents.

What you didn't know, however, was that your wet nurse was your real mother...

Totally unaware, you happily deepen your sexual relationship. And eventually, she gets pregnant.

[Track List]
1) Co-sleeping
2) The New Maid Comes for Comfort While You Bathe
3) Enduring a Handjob Before Sex With Your Wet Nurse
4) Waking Up Early for Once
5) Asking Your Nurse for Sex But She Refuses Because You Need More Rest
6) Your Nurse Gives You a Blowjob Just Because She Wants to
7) Months Later, Your Nurse is Pregnant

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CV: Minami Imaya
Illustration: Anonymous Hero

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  • Dec/29/2020
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