[ENG Ver.] My Girlfriend Gets Desecrated ~Traditional Inn~

  • [ENG Ver.] My Girlfriend Gets Desecrated ~Traditional Inn~ [Translators Unite]
Release date May/02/2024
Author みんとあいす
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In the last volume, Kanna was dragged down into a world of debauchery by her slutty JK friend.

After losing her virginity during an amateur fuckfilm recording session... she harbors feelings of guilt towards her boyfriend. That's when they go on a trip together to a traditional inn.
It's supposed to be the happiest time of her life... but she just so happens to bump into one of the participants of the shady "part time job" she participated in.
With other women at his beck and call, he invites Kanna for another "taste," but she declines.

On this trip, she had planned to deepen her relationship with her beloved boyfriend, but...
Something's amiss. Something's not quite right. Whatever could it be?

"Come over any time. I'll do WHATEVER you want." she recalls the man's invitation.

Her first time with her boyfriend was just not enough... It leaves her aching for more.
Seeking to quench the thirst of her body, Kanna sneaks out of the room and...

* The sequel to "My Girlfriend Gets Desecrated"

* In this volume she will wear a succubus costume and get fucked alongside a married woman and gal who are also dressed in cosplay.

* Hazuki does not make an appearance in this work.

29 manga pages / 36 pages total

Author: Mint Ice (@asatsukimint)

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