[ENG Ver.] Who is the Owner? 2

  • [ENG Ver.] Who is the Owner? 2 [Translators Unite]
Release date Apr/20/2024
Author てるうぃ
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◆A story about getting involved with the girl you like and another girl.

Kotaro ended up in a relationship with his unrequited love Minami where they do naughty things.
But then Minami's friend Kazama appears, who likes Kotaro, and Minami tries to get the two together.
Minami teaches Kazama how to give Kotaro his favorite thing, a blowjob, and then leaves them alone.
For a while after that, Kotaro and Kazama do erotic things together, but Kotaro still decides to go back to MInami and beg her to do it with him again...

A manga about a boy who loses to both the girl he likes and his sexual rival, his teacher, because of his weak penis.

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