Handyman Legend

  • Handyman Legend [Super Serious Studio]
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Handyman Legend [Super Serious Studio]
Release date Jun/09/2023
Author 超真剣Studio
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Product summary


The dude was a playboy when he was young, while after losing his job in big company, he become a handyman who take cases from smartphone app. Even though the money is short, but he somehow discovers a new paradise...


Handyman Legend [Super Serious Studio]

College Girl
First time live alone,
I don't know how to fix this...

Office Lady
Please fix this ASAP,
I am a very busy woman!

Just Married Wife
My husband is on business trip,
please help us fix this issue...

How to play

Handyman Legend [Super Serious Studio]

Using your smartphone take repairment cases, while you are at work you can “interactive” with your client, when the favorability is enough, you will have the chance “get to know more” about those girls…

The game is turn base, you have 5 time periods in a day and player can decide either take jobs to make money, shopping or just sleeping to let the time pass.

You will earn money by taking jobs from your mobile, and also had chance to meet specific characters. While you are in their place, you can use the "interactive window" to touch and flirt with them.

Once the favorability bar reaches to certain level, the character will agree to engage in adult interaction with you.

Various events will be triggered in the game, which can unlock more rich adult interactions.


Handyman Legend [Super Serious Studio]

Reminiscence Mode

Handyman Legend [Super Serious Studio]

Digital Artbook

Handyman Legend [Super Serious Studio]

20 pages / PDF format
* Only available in Traditional Chinese.

(English product description provided by the creator.)

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