[ENG Ver.] Brutal Fuck Monster

  • [ENG Ver.] Brutal Fuck Monster [Translators Unite]
Release date Mar/12/2024
Author AwA
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[ENG Ver.] Brutal Fuck Monster [Translators Unite]


A erotic grotesque manga featuring a female adventurer that is defeated by tentacles, and turned into a seedbed to breed their spawn! Intense pleasure corruption, pain amplifying mucous, and more brutality await inside!


32 pages (including cover)
PDF / JPG (906x1280) formats

- JPG without text cover (906x1280): Cover only, cover + back
- High resolution version (4299x6071) of the above.
- JPG spread page version without spread page style.
(The PDF is spread page, so this is for those that want to view in JPG format.)

* Unlike the sample images, guts are not mosaic censored.
* Originally published December 31st, 2022 at Comic Market 101.

Smartphone version: [Bonus] content can only be viewed via in-browser (DLsite Play).

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