• [ENG Ver.] BLOOM ROUND.4 [Translators Unite]
Release date Mar/09/2023
Author 黒創哉
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An insane underground wrestling show...

Masked wrestler Misaki decides to participate in the world's wildest underground wrestling stream -- but her opponent, the reigning champion Mary, is already excited and horny about all the r*pe and violation she's going to rain down upon Misaki...!

Spanking, gut-punching, colon torment, and other such depravity will unfurl in this nightmarish pro wrestling exhibitionist match...!

Mary Gold, the BWM champion, has arrived!

[ENG Ver.] BLOOM ROUND.4 [Translators Unite]

The nightmare starts here...!

  • [ENG Ver.] BLOOM ROUND.4 [Translators Unite]
  • [ENG Ver.] BLOOM ROUND.4 [Translators Unite]
  • [ENG Ver.] BLOOM ROUND.4 [Translators Unite]
  • [ENG Ver.] BLOOM ROUND.4 [Translators Unite]

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  • Apr/08/2022

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