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  • Are you sure you're in the right retail section?

    On DLsite, depending on the content and target age group of the work, the retail section will differ.
    Please refer to the list of retail sections below and try searching in a different section.

    Retail Sections Works available for sale
    All Ages Doujin works Doujinshi, Game, Software
    PC Games PC Software, Anime
    Comics Comic, Novel
    Smartphone Games iOS/Android Games
    AI-generated Doujinshi, Game, Software
    Adult Doujin works Doujinshi, Game, Software
    H Games Game, Anime
    Adult Comics Comic, Magazine, Novel
    Smartphone Games iOS/Android Games
    AI-generated Doujinshi, Game, Software
    Girls' Side Otome Doujin work, TL Comic, Drama CD, Game
    Boys' Love Doujin work, BL Comic, Drama CD, Game
  • Did you mistype any keywords?

    Even a 1 letter error can cause searches to bring up no results. Try to shorten long keywords.

    Ex: DLsite --> DL

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    A single mistyped letter may affect your search results. If you entered long words, shorten them and try again.
    If you don't know the entire proper name, use partial words and everything that matches those first few letters will be displayed.

    Example) DLsiteEnglish -> DLsite

  • Did you set too many search conditions?

    More search conditions will bring less search results.

    Ex: Fantasy comedy elf glasses --> fantasy comedy

  • Did you check the "genre" keywords?

    Under "Genre" in [ Advanced Search ] you'll find a large number of keywords. Some keywords
    will only yield search results when the registered keywords are used. If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for, please select the "Genre".

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